Better odds with bitcoin gambling

Running an online gambling website can be a daunting task. The margins are tight, and the regulatory landscape is varied and costly to follow. Each jurisdiction has requirements the operators must adhere to, and these tasks cost time and money. The associated operational costs must be borne by the business, which means the players eventually end up paying more for their entertainment.

To give an example of such additional costs, consider the use of SAFE servers in some jurisdictions. These SAFE servers collect vast amounts of information on players and reports this back to the related authority’s government department. Every single deposit, every single hand played, every time you log in and how long you play for, all this is reported to the government body every single day.

Enter Bitcoin.

Bitcoin gambling has lower barriers to entry when compared to fiat based online gambling. Without the need to run a SAFE server that is informing the governments of what you enjoy doing in your own time reduces costs for the operator. This in turn means these savings can be passed on to the player through mechanisms such as more and better promotions, and better odds on sporting events.

There are many reasons why a player might choose to go to a government sanctioned online gambling website. There are excellent reasons for a player to choose a bitcoin online gambling website.

Better odds, better promotions, better privacy. Take a look at the myriad of bitcoin gambling sites on offer here and check out the great offers available. And say no to Big Brother watching every bet you make.