About Bitcoin

Bitcoins are great for gambling. The digital currency was created and released to the world by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009. Some of the earliest ventures using bitcoin were based around simple dice games. Now there are a myriad of bitcoin gambling sites on offer, catering for different tastes and demographics. No matter what your favourite games are, you should be able to find a bitcoin gambling site that appeals to you.


What is so great about bitcoin?

When it comes to gambling with bitcoin, your money is transferred into your account rapidly. No more waiting days for your transaction request to be processed by the bank, as soon as you hit the send button your transaction is picked up by the network for processing. Same thing goes for when you collect your winnings, bitcoin doesn’t need to wait for days.

Bitcoin can bypass restrictions on transferring money to gambling websites. For places where banks refuse to process gambling transactions, bitcoin neatly provides a clear path through this problem.

Not forgetting that you control them. With the old banking system, you were at the mercy of the bankers. You had to ask them to move your money, and they would charge you large fees for moving your funds. Sometimes the banks would prevent you from spending your money, like on gambling websites. Bitcoin puts the control back in your hands and leaves you to decide how you spend your money. Bitcoin is essentially digital cash that you can send to anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Why not use dollars, pounds, or euros?

In today’s modern, connected world we have the ability to move forward from using promissory notes as a system of exchange. Digital assets enable the faster transmission of funds (meaning you get your winnings quicker) and greater security through digital encryption. Sending large amounts of money across the world, or across the country can be expensive with old-style money and can take days to complete while banks do not function 24/7. Bitcoin never sleeps, it’s fast, it’s cheap, and it cannot be censored.

Where can I get some bitcoins?

You can get bitcoins from lots of places! Here’s a list of places to start you:

  • OKCoin is one of the leading crypto exchanges in the world. They provide trusted services for buying and selling of crypto assets.
  • Bitcoin.com allow purchasing of bitcoins (both Bitcoin Legacy and Bitcoin Cash) using your credit card. Purchasing is fast and efficient.
  • Coin ATM Radar has a comprehensive list of Bitcoin ATM devices across the world in a dynamic map interface. Bitcoin ATMs allow you to walk up, feed in some cash, and receive bitcoin in return. They can even change bitcoins into your local currency too!
  • Local Bitcoins is a website that connects Bitcoin Legacy buyers and sellers who are in close proximity with each other.
  • Coinbase is a quick and easy way to buy bitcoin (both Bitcoin Legacy and Bitcoin Cash) online with your credit card, debit card, or direct from your bank account. They even insure your bitcoin.