Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV)

Bitcoin SV (BSV) has been created to bring back the original Bitcoin which was designed to fulfil the Satoshi Vision.  BSV today stands as its own chain and token following the contentious November 15, 2018 hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network.

nChain believes that BSV will fulfil the Satoshi Vision and change the world by retaining the original protocol and enable users to massively scale on-chain.  BSV’s mission is to restore the original Satoshi protocol, keep it stable, and enable it to massively scale on-chain.  Since the November 2019 hard fork, a number of native Bitcoin businesses  added their support for BSV.  In fact, a number of BCH applications have moved to BSV including many gaming operators due to the chain’s ability to record game and transaction data securely on the blockchain, as well as exchanging financial value between casinos and players.

A very interesting development on the chain is BSVs random number generator which allows game results to be generated and recorded on the blockchain, as such achieving greater transparency through provably fair results.  In the Block-hash approach, the hash of blocks or transactions is used as the source of randomness. As the hash is deterministic, everyone will get the same result. A block, once added to the blockchain, is likely to stay there forever, therefore, everyone can verify the correctness of the generated numbers.

The online gambling space is one of the main industries that shows off the features of what the original Satoshi Vision was planned for. Its infinite scalability properties are there to revolutionize iGaming and bring it closer to the near future.